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Nearly everyone in the IT industry is familiar with the computer language known as SQL (Structured Query Language). The primary language in charge of managing data stored in a relational database management system (RDBMS) or handling streams in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS) is SQL. SQL is essentially the language that you use to connect to a database.

The world is aware of the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken it. Additionally, many people improved their talents during this lockdown period. There are people who have learnt SQL from the greatest websites, and they are overjoyed since even the most basic knowledge of SQL today can lead to amazing chances.

SQL – The Importance

Data is an important asset in today’s society because we never know when we will need our historical data. Each and every decision-making process benefits from data. The widely used database engines MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and PostgreSQL are all powered by SQL.

Additionally, because the data is dynamically saved, it is feasible to simply alter, query, and manipulate the data by learning some basic SQL queries.

  • If you are familiar with SQL, you have a lot of work options. Applying for work as a data analyst, data scientist, data modeller, marketer, business owner, SQL developer, and other positions can improve your financial situation. Therefore, the only way to shape your future is to learn this simple computer language.
  • It’s not like learning SQL is difficult; rather, it’s similar to learning English. Everything is challenging before you ever try to do it. So, educate yourself first, and you’ll see how easy SQL is. If you begin learning SQL’s fundamentals, you’ll undoubtedly want to move to an advanced level. If you learn SQL now, you have several opportunities.
  • SQL is one of the most widely used languages among web developers, desktop programmers, and data scientists. It is simple since all organisations, regardless of the industry they serve, rely on data and need certain tools in order to organise and understand it effectively.

Learning SQL

To learn SQL, there are a few steps to do. You must initially comprehend the fundamentals of SQL. So starting small is the first step, right? irrespective of whether you have any SQL knowledge. Therefore, the method used to learn SQL is not crucial at first because you must be anxious when learning a new ability.

Whatever the case, just focus on simple questions and take your time. Move slowly into difficult query writing and advanced level until you have thoroughly mastered the fundamentals.

The following step is to watch tutorials, as people can now learn a lot by simply viewing the videos. You can watch videos from SQLZOO, Codecademy, and other sites to learn from the greatest SQL teachers and get your SQL skills tested.

You can also enrol in SQL classes that will educate you on both the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts and certification levels.

There are therefore more options, such as practising SQL, which is the best way to learn it. Installing a free open-source database will allow you to start writing and running simple queries using your own data.

As a result, MySQL is a well-known free database that works with the majority of working frameworks. When you are comfortable running queries and have mastered the fundamentals of SQL, being approved is the appropriate next step.

Online Sites for Learning SQL


It is regarded as one of the most highly regarded websites for learning SQL. After reading the next sentence, you’ll be amazed. Yes! It’s free to study SQL on Codecademy. This platform makes it simple to learn SQL because you can’t go on to the next exercise unless you correctly complete the previous one.

They provide a four-part course covering data manipulation, query authoring, using aggregate functions, and interacting with numerous tables. This is a good option if you want to learn this unique ability.

W3 Schools

W3schools is renowned for its effective pedagogy. Students should use this excellent service if they wish to learn SQL rapidly. Each topic is covered briefly, clearly, and with a number of examples. They guarantee that you will comprehend this course with ease and have no further questions when you finish.

The ability to change databases is one of W3schools’ unique features. You can test out queries and commands with this capability. Additionally, try not to worry about mucking it up because you may restore it at any time.

SQL Course

You have the option to create your own tables using an online SQL Interpreter provided by SQLCourse. You can use this tool to carry out a variety of actions, such as select, embed, erase, and drop.

With SQLCourse, you may try writing commands from scratch rather than just copying them from the models.


Because it offers the exceptional function of exam projects, SQLZoo is a very well-known website. This characteristic distinguishes SQLZoo from other websites. You must resolve some examples in this exam project. Each of these projects has questions ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging. You can test your skill by completing these tasks.


Udemy is a platform for video courses and is ideal for students who prefer to study through videos. A variety of lessons are available on Udemy. Additionally, it offers databases for all phases, including My SQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. However, only a few of the SQL courses in this are free; the rest are chargeable.

Khan Academy

The second greatest website for learning SQL is Khan Academy. If you want to learn computer science and programming online, this is the greatest resource. They provide a pretty valuable tutorial called “Intro to SQL: Querying and managing databases” which explains how to store, query, and alter data using SQL.

Students who have taken Khan Academy’s tutorials consider it to be one of the best websites for learning SQL in a virtual classroom environment.


Coursera is the ideal option for you if you learn best by watching videos. It is a reputable website for SQL video tutorials. It is a global online learning platform that provides everyone with access to online courses and degrees from prestigious institutions and organisations.

SQL Bolt

Another excellent website that is interactive and educates via the use of straightforward and realistic examples is SQLBolt. In addition to offering exercises for practice and improved understanding, they have created a series of lessons that are highly interactive. You will see the SQL assignment following each course, which will aid in your quick review.

This website is ideal for beginners because it initially offers the fundamentals of SQL before moving on to more sophisticated topics. They then have classes that begin with basic questions, move on to more difficult ones, and end with complicated questions. As a result, this interactive SQLBolt instruction will undoubtedly dispel any SQL-related ambiguities.

Need for Learning SQL

  • Data Manipulation– You’ll be relieved to learn that SQL is very useful for manipulating data. You will find it easier to test and manipulate the data because it allows you to view the specific data and how it works. Additionally, data created in SQL is dynamic in that it may be changed and controlled at any time using a few crucial queries.
  • High Demand for SQL Programmers – As a SQL Programmer, you don’t have to be concerned about finding work these days. Outstanding opportunities exist in this area. There is a great demand for those who know about SQL, as you have read above, and studying SQL will help you have a better future.
  • Data mining—Learning SQL will improve your ability to mine data. You may identify specific information over time spans, view update times, monitor table activity, and much more by using key queries. Therefore, this should be sufficient justification in and of itself for learning SQL.
  • Combine Data from Several Sources – Combining data from at least two sources can be a time-consuming and utterly daunting undertaking. However, SQL makes the cycle simple by allowing “converges” that simply consolidate the predefined fields or the entire database.
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