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Websites are the face of a business in the online world today. Every visitor or consumer is likely to know everything about a business and responsive design just by going through the website of that business. It’s Pretty much evident now that every other business I looking for a website that is easily accessible to its visitors from any device, and that there be no lag or technical problems when a consumer is trying to visit your website from a different device every time.

Let’s take the traditional static website which can be viewed on a desktop, but when viewed on any other device tends to be lagging, or the images or content is either misplaced or not in the proper manner, their pixelation in the images, so on and so forth.

Patterns of Responsive Design

So, to be even more exact a mobile responsive website is one that adapts to any device it is viewed on, and not only compatible for desktops. Also, the fact that is not viable to design and develop a website for mobile or a tablet device. The website must be intuitive as well as interactive whenever it is viewed on any device. In the world of website design, we are easily getting to a spot wherein we are not able to keep up with the endless changes made to the resolution of every new device that is introduced in the market, hence developing a responsive website compatible with all devices is essential.


So a website will be known to be responsive if the developer uses either CSS or HTML & work on the placing of the images and texts to make the website more appealing to the visitor. He can either use them to shrink, resize, hide or enlarge content anywhere on the screen. Responsive web design is a method that tells the website should respond to the user’s actions based on the environment of use, the screen size or even the platform it is used on.


Responsive web design has become very significant ever since its inception as a concept, once it was realized that most of the crowd in today’s date is logging in websites using a mobile device on the go, and very few are using laptops or desktops when on the move, hence more traffic is driven to the website if it is mobile responsive. Google, on the other hand, announced in 2015 that it has started to enhance the ratings of the sites that are mobile-friendly.

CSS Media

An array of ways can be used to develop a mobile responsive website which includes a mix of fluid grids and layouts and the intelligent use of CSS Media Queries. To be more precise, the grid on which the main content of the site, that is in the header, footer, sidebar etc is fluid and not rigid. If you don’t know what we go to any responsive website such as this one and drag the browser window towards the other end, you will see that all the section automatically adapt to the size of the screen and rearrange the elements of the site.

Implementation of Responsive Design in WordPress

One of the very easy ways to implement mobile responsive design is by creating your website using WordPress.


Word press offers a lot of options in the subject of website development. It solves the problem of accessibility and provides options for using ready plugins to make your website mobile responsive. There are many themes readily available on the word press dictionary which one can use while creating a website, there are also tools available that will help you check if the website is mobile responsive or not. All the current and upcoming themes on WordPress are most likely to be mobile responsive, chances are you might end up finding one or two themes which are not mobile responsive

Theme Forest

A recent study showed more than 80% of the people now own smartphones in the world. Check your traffic and you might just be shocked at how many visitors are getting to your website through mobile devices.   Responsive design templates are available for purchase.  If, for instance, you have a WordPress site you can visit a reputable template gallery such as ThemeForest and search for “responsive WordPress themes.”  Purchase one for under $50. Your Web developer can then customize it for your logo and brand.


Responsive design is all but mandatory for websites these days and thankfully WordPress offers many themes that are mobile compatible by default. While this blog can only teach you the principles and not go over every case that you might face, it is enough to get you started and allow you to figure out the details by yourself.


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