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We are together in this fight : PM Modi To Ashraf Ghani

Like Terrorism, We''ll Fight Coronavirus Together: PM Modi To Ashraf Ghani

Like India whole world is fighting against corona and in that pandemic situation when everyone is sitting at home trying to save themselves in that the economy of a country is falling like never before. In quarantine time when nobody is going on work than supplying all the necessities to the whole country is a task but India is not just doing this for their people but in this pandemic we are taking back of a lot of countries where first Donald Trump asked India to help to supply hydroxychloroquine, later we supplIed hydroxychloroquine drug to 55 countries. Now the situation is like India is emerging as a solution to everyone where everyone wants to take our help.

In this all now Afghanistan also got involved, where recently Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani sent a twitter thanks to PM Modi for suppling hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol tablet and wheat in which he wrote , “Thank you, my friend, Prime Minister @narendramodi , and thank you India for providing 500K (5 lakh) tablets of hydroxychloroquine, 100K (10 lakh) tablets of paracetamol, and 75,000 metric tons of wheat that the first consignment of it (5,000) will reach AFG (Afghanistan) in a day or so, for the Afghan people.”

After that PM Modi also replied on the same in a humble manner where he said India and Afghanistan always had a special friendship where we have so many similarities in terms of history, geography, and culture. With that he also mentioned how India and history, geography, and culture. With that he also mentioned who India and Afghanistan have fought against terrorism.


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