What Does a Sunset Look Like on Mars? NASA Has a Breathtaking Photo

Blue Sunset On Red Planet

Blue sunset on marse picture shared by NASA

Aapne Dharti pr kai jagaho ki sunset wali tasveere dekhi hongi, un sab me ek chij common hoti hai orange color. Ji haa dosto prithvi par suraj halki lalima bikherta hai Akash me lekin ek garah hai jaha sunset ka color laal nhi nila hota hai. Hai na ye hairani wali baat ki sunset nila kaisa dikhta hoga. Bahut khubsurat aur ye khubsurat najara apko dekhne milega mangal yani Mars garah par. Ye planet waise to khud Red planet ke naam se jana jata hai parantu ispr sunset ke dauran pure asmaan me halki nili roshni dikhayi padti hai.

Our Sun is a yellow star that often appears reddish as it sets here on Earth. That’s because as the Sun descends toward the horizon, its light must travel through more of the Earth’s atmosphere where air and other molecules scatter much of the blue light and makes the Sun appear redder. This image of a sunset, however, is rather different. The Mars Rover named Spirit snapped this photo from the surface of Mars—not Earth—in 2005. Not only does the Sun appear more yellow due to the lack of a significant atmosphere on Mars, it is also smaller because Mars is at a greater distance away from the Sun.

Sharing the image, NASA, in the caption, wrote, “A blue sunset on the red planet. Our Perseverance Mars rover has taken its first picture of a sunset.” NASA mentions that the image was taken on November 9 by the Mastcam-Z camera system and captured these visuals on the 257th Martian day of the mission.

Although this is the first-ever image showing sunset on Mars, NASA reveals that the observations of sunsets on the red planet have been going on since the 1970s. NASA added, “Martian sunsets typically stand out for their distinctive blue colour which results from the atmosphere dust that allows blue light to penetrate more as compared to other colours.”

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