Why Should We Invest in Semi Fungible Crypto Token?

Each of us has utilized coupons or vouchers at least once. You can include a coupon for recharging your phone or a gift certificate you received during a festival here. Have you considered the distinctions between these discounts, vouchers, and other kinds of payment?

They are not a form of actual money due to their crypto nature, which is the first thing to note. They are still far too dissimilar to a cryptocurrency, though. What name are they given? A semi-fungible crypto token is what is used for this type of currency. These are all the key terms involved with it, step by step.

Fungible Crypto Token and Non-Fungible Crypto Token

Before, there were two different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Tokens are fungible and non-fungible. Let’s first examine how these two differ from one another.

  • Fungible Crypto Tokens      

The exchangeable currencies are fungible cryptocurrency tokens. The bulk of cryptocurrency traders exchanges fungible cryptocurrency for cash. To put it simply, fungible tokens are forms of currency that can be changed for or exchanged for other tokens without incurring a loss in the process. Bitcoin and Ether are two examples.

  • Non-Fungible Crypto Tokens

Non-fungible crypto tokens (NFTs) cannot be exchanged for one another or replaced, just as ether or the dollar. Each type of currency in this group has a unique quality. Blockchain-based currency or cryptocurrency that is non-fungible is kept in a blockchain.

What is a Semi-Fungible Crypto Token?

As its name suggests, a semi-fungible crypto token combines the traits of fungible and non-fungible crypto tokens. The new class of tokens is known as semi-fungible tokens (SFTs). Throughout their lifespan, they can function as fungible and non-fungible crypto tokens.

As an everyday example, a gift certificate can be viewed as a semi-fungible token. Because they are interchangeable and have the same value as a similar voucher with the same expiration date.

Consider the following example: Suppose you have a ticket to a performance. The ticket may be substituted for another with the same face value. Yet, the ticket’s face value and expiration date follow the show’s conclusion.

How to Create a Semi-Fungible Crypto Token?

You can use Ethereum’s ERC-1155 standard to mint a semi-fungible cryptocurrency if you’re thinking of making a semi-fungible token. The ERC-20 and ERC-721 are combined to create the ERC-1155.

The former is a method for fungible tokens, whereas the latter is a standard for non-fungible tokens. The Sandbox, Horizon Games, and Enjin are blockchain developers who created it in 2017. In essence, it is computer software that self-executes tasks following the circumstances.

What are the Advantages of Semi-Fungible Crypto Tokens

For various reasons, semi-fungible crypto tokens are chosen over fungible and non-fungible crypto tokens. The benefits of semi-fungible tokens are listed below:

1.    Remains A Fungible Asset

After being traded from its original owner, the semi-fungible cryptocurrency token continues to be fungible. Since their face value is maintained during transfers and exchanges, this feature increases the tokens’ liquidity.

2.    Can be Used in a Variety of Ways

The nature of the semi-fungible tokens is provable. They aid in verifying various attributes as a result. Hence, it has a wide range of applications. Similar to how a semi-fungible token can be used as both a non-fungible asset and a single ticket.

3.    Best for the Gaming Industry

The gaming sector makes extensive use of semi-fungible cryptocurrency. It can be used to symbolise any in-game object, including weaponry. The usage history of the token is recorded during games. When transferred from one player to another, it retains its value.

4.    Representation of Non-Fungible Token

In addition to acting as a non-fungible token, a semi-fungible token can also represent its subset. The function unlocks its ability to trade incomplete game items.

5.    Built on Ethereum Blockchain

Tokens that are semi-fungible are constructed on top of the Ethereum network. As a result, the tokens gain access to the current system and cases.

Final Thoughts

The future world will be more technological and digital. Semi-fungible items will undoubtedly be worth more in the future than they are now. They yearn for ways to modernise and go digital.

Semi-fungible coupons lose their face value after being used once, making them more reliable. Also, they continue to exist as non-fungible coupons even after losing their face value.

They are essential in situations where fungible and non-fungible currencies are ineffective. Compared to both physical and digital money, they are more secure. Additionally, because the semi-fungible tokens are constructed on top of the Ethereum blockchain, businesses will undoubtedly develop unique ways to construct solutions around them. Semi-fungible crypto tokens might be referred to as the underdogs of the cryptocurrency industry. Semi-fungible crypto tokens fill the difference between cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

Numerous businesses and organisations use semi-fungible crypto tokens to meet various needs. These tokens can only be traded once by the original owner. This feature increases its asset value.

They function initially as a fungible token and then change into a non-fungible token. The semi-fungible tokens improve the gaming, player, and development experiences. Also, it aids in increasing the assets’ liquidity. Thus, due to their adaptable nature, semi-fungible crypto tokens have vast potential in the future.

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