World Denim Day Celebrated On 28th April Every Year

Denim Day celebrated world wide every year since 1999

Why World Denim Day Celebrated

It was started when a rape case came into Itlian Court , the 18 year old girl was raped by his driving instructor. But this incident was not able to make a movement. The actual movement rose at the time when rapist accept his crime and give an excuse that ” her jeans was too tight” this makes me doing that incident(Rape). This statement spread like fire the women of whole world came into action and start the protesting against this kind of thinking. In Indian Parliament all the  women wore the jeanses in support of protest.

A short study on world Denim Day

In the United States, about 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men will be raped at some stage in their lifetime. The reason that we continue to wear denim almost 30 years after the original case is that rape is still a prevalent issue, afterall due to the vast media influence that perpetuates and enables rape culture.

Unfortunately, the media tends to portray a narrow definition of rape; typically, there is a heterosexual couple, and the man forces himself onto the woman while she begs him to stop. In reality, rape can happen in any kind of relationship, and any individual can be the victim or perpetrator, regardless of their gender identity or orientation. Another way the media fails to accurately depict rape is that screaming “no” is not the only indicator that consent has not taken place. To fully consent, one must actively agree to every aspect of the sexual encounter. A lack of disagreement does not mean yes, nor does ambivalence.

Another disturbing trend, which was present in the Italian courtroom back in the 1990s, is victim blaming. Regardless of what a victim wears or what they were doing prior to the act, there is absolutely no  place for excuse for a  rape. According to Harvard Law School, victim blaming is one of the reasons that sexual assault commonly goes unreported. It is important to remember that victim blaming does not just take place on an individual level; rather, it is institutional, and the media and other systems actively perpetuate victim blaming culture (Thacker, 2017).

Conclusion from Denim Day

It is absolutely stereotypes thinking that rape is only women problem. In many cases it can be seen that men were also raped. So, stop excusing stereotypes thinking.

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