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World Mental Health Day 10th October

Why we celebrate world Mental Health Day every year

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th October every year in whole world. This time the theme of World Mental Health Day is unequal mental health. Mental health is very necessary for a human to to survive properly but in under developing country this is not valuable anymore then the developed countries. If someone said he has mental problem everyone starts laughing at him. People makes perception tha he/she become mad or lost mind. Here in developing countries like India depression means madness while in developed countries depression means mental health issues they considered it very carefully and gives a good treatment, care, love etc..

‎What is a Human Library?

A human library is where people are on loan to readers rather than books to share their story and start safe conversations about their lives. The aim is to challenge preconceptions of mental health by sharing unique stories to show that no chapter is the same and to encourage people to don’t judge a book by its cover and read between the lines.

We are inviting you to read the Human Library stories shared by our remarkable contributors below and perhaps to host your own Human Library event to celebrate World Mental Health Month by championing diversity and equality in your own world and beyond.


History of World Mental Health Day

In 1992, the World Federation of Mental Healthled by Richard Hunter created World Mental Health Day to raise awareness of mental health issues in an attempt to eliminate the stigma attached and encourage people affected to seek out help and support.

The first World Mental Health Day was celebrated with the theme ‘Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World’ in 1994 in 27 countries. As the years passed, more countries got involved and the perception of mental health became more synonymous with human rights.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has gotten on board with supporting World Mental Health Day to make this event an opportunity for increasing the investment made in the support of mental health.

The themes for World Mental Health Day expanded along with the times. Women, children, health, work, trauma, suicide, and so much more became a part of the conversation, and today, the average citizen is more knowledgeable in regards to mental health.

Importance of Mental Health Day

Identify the problem – The idea of mental health is an abstract concept and this day allows us to think beyond outdated perceptions by releasing the stigma attached to seeking professional help. When burden and fear are removed from mental health issues, it becomes easier to fight them.

Sharing the pain – This day reminds us that whatever people going through mental health issues are not alone. Knowing about other people’s journey through this crisis and how they made it out can uplift people suffering from mental health issues.

Proper treatment – When the understanding of mental health grows, the ability to seek proper treatment also raises. The right therapist and necessary medication can operate mental health issues at a more efficient level.

These things will help to enhance mental health awareness program among under developed or developing countries.

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