World Organ Donation Day 2021

13 August World Organ Donation Day

Aim of organ donation Day

Organ donation is a day observed on 13 August every year. The aim of organ donation day is to motivate normal human beings,  spread awareness and importance of organ donation. Organ donation is the process of removing an organ from one person and transplanting into another person to save one’s life. Transplantation is necessary because the recipient’s organ has failed or has been damaged by disease or injury.

What is organ donation means

Organ donation is donating the donors organ to the recipient. The Donald I’d already then within 24 hours their organs like liver, kidney ,lungs,and  heart can be transported and transplanted into another patients who is really needed that organ, which can save his or her life.

Donating organ is really valuable as it is gifted a new life to the needy people. As it is said that one donor can save 8 people’s life. As per National guideline any one can be a donor irrespective of caste, colour, age, religion etc.. if someone is younger than 18 years old and wants to donate his or her organ then must have take permission from their parents or guardians after what they can donate their organs.

Organ donation helps in a transplant that of 10 means a second chance of life. You can change someone’s life give their family member back. Be someone’s Hero.

Every year in India almost 5 lakh peoples where died because of organ failure, organ donation can save their lives. Organ donation day is also celebrated to remove fear and myths about organ donation from donors mind.

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