World Soil Day 5th December 2021

World soil day theme, history

Why World Soil Day is Celebrated?

World Soil day celebrates the importance of soil as a critical component of the natural system and as a vital contributor to the human commonwealth through its contribution to food, water and energy security and as a mitigator of biodiversity loss and climate change.

It is celebrated particularly by the global community of 60 000 soil scientists charged with responsibility of generating and communicating soil knowledge for the common good. many events focussed on increasing the public awareness of soil and its contribution to humanity and the environment.

It is held on December 5th because it corresponds with the official birthday of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej ,The King of Thailand, who has officially sanctioned the event.

The FAO Conference in June 2013 unanimously endorsed World Soil Day on 5th December and requested the 68th UNGA to have it officially adopted.

Soil is the top layer of the earth, the layer which everyone is familiar with, but not everyone knows much about, many householders don’t even know if their garden is clay, loam or sandy soil or a mixture, but the knowledge of soil type, structure, management and condition is what can make the difference between good plant growth and a thriving ecosystem and a wasteland.

Soil is made up of organic and inorganic matter, air and water, and the mixture depends on the way the soil is managed or neglected, which in turn impacts on how plants grow. The human race is dependent on soil for food, and soil erosion and poison leads to famine, soil also holds significant carbon, which is lost through erosion, which increases climate change.

We all depend on soil, so the more that that is understood of it, the better the human race thrives, from beautiful gardens to crops that produce our food, an example is where programmes in Africa have taught small farmers to manage soil against drought and erosion, meaning bigger and better crops and less hunger and poverty in some areas.

Members of the public can liaise with FAO to run soil themed events for World Soil Day, educating people on soil and the significance of soil and it’s treatment.

World Soil Day 2021 Theme

World soil day gives a strong message to protect the soil and the microorganisms and other elements present in the soil. The world soil day date is on December 5th 2021.The presence of which can enrich the fertility and productivity of the soil. It is the duty of every citizen to protect the soil and ensure the safety of lives. The world soil day theme 2021 is “halt soil salinization, boost soil productivity”. Salinization is regarded as a major threat to the soil. Soil degradation happens because of salinization. It is important to realise the significance of soil conservation as it plays a vital role in the sustained human life on earth.

The ecosystem will be threatened due to the salinization process. The best way to prevent salinization is to adopt suitable methods for soil productivity. Soil productivity is a key aspect that can enrich the performance of the soil. The degradation process can affect the ecosystem. These problems should be addressed internationally. The enrichment of the soil can in turn enrich the life of the organisms depending upon the soil. The prevention of salinization can raise awareness about the crucial things under consideration. The soil management challenges can be easily overcome through proper soil management. Soil salinization prevention can create a healthy ecosystem. Soil health can be improved through the adoption of suitable methods to protect soil health. Soil health is for life!

World Soil Day History

World Soil Day is an awareness day that is initiated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The annual awareness celebration aims to improve soil health and to spread awareness among the generation about the importance of soil preservation and concertation. Soil is equated to life. According to the epics, birth and death are closely associated with soil. Human beings are soil and returning to soil itself. So, the element soil is important in every aspect of life. The world soil day ideas are the reflection of the best methods to conserve soil and biodiversity.

Saving soil health is equal to saving biodiversity. The awareness about the increased soil health for the ecosystem, for the well being of the human beings and the food safety and security. World soil day was first celebrated by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2002. The world soil day was first formulated by the International Union of Soil Sciences.

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