Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner latest features 2020

Xiaomi Mi Robot, one of the most dynamic organizations under Xiaomi Mi Robot Youpin has thought of another extraordinary Xiaomi Mi Robot Smarthome contraption for the family unit. Xiaomi Mi Robot For an organization that has more than 60 items added to its repertoire, its amusing to see a ground-breaking model simply like this one and how it will have

Xiaomi Mi Robot

What’s in the Box

Prepared to utilize Vacuum model V-RVCLM21B

(Dustbin with launderable Hepa channel + cleaning instrument previously introduced)

Charging Dock

EU power plug

1+1 additional side brush


Mop Kit (section + 2 diverse Fabric)

Brisk beginning Guide


What you have to know

Xiaomi is presenting its Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India for ₹17,999 ($235).

The vacuum cleaner isn’t propelling on Xiaomi’s site, however, it is rather accessible on the brand’s crowdfunding entry.

Now, Xiaomi is attempting to measure enthusiasm for the robot vacuum, and on the off chance that it gets enough consideration, we could see a proper introduction.

Xiaomi Mi Robot

The vacuum is accessible at an initial cost of ₹17,999 ($235), (down from ₹29,999 ($385)), and keeping in mind that that is energizing, there is an admonition: the item is being sold through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding stage.

Here are how that works: if 10,000 individuals buy the vacuum, it will meet its objective and Xiaomi will carry the item to India. Robot vacuums are an untested market in India, and Xiaomi is strongly avoiding any risks here.

So until further notice, in case you’re keen on the vacuum, you should vow ₹17,999 and trust that enough individuals do likewise. As of this composition, the vacuum has 43 sponsors.

Concerning the vacuum itself, there’s bounty to like. I have both the main gen variation and this model and use it a couple of times each week in my home.

The vacuum has a 2100Pa engine and depends on 12 sensors to move around the house. It works admirably making a 3D guide of your living space, and you get the chance to see tidying measurements and set up plans utilizing the Mi Home application. It is a fabulous vacuum, and ₹17,999 is a take for what you’re arriving:

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner audit: A commendable redesign

Xiaomi Mi Robot

So’s the arrangement with the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India. I’m happy Xiaomi at last chosen to dispatch the item in the nation, yet the way that it won’t be accessible until some other time in the year (that is on the off chance that it meets its objective) makes it less luring.

Be that as it may, in case you’re in the market for a robot vacuum and wouldn’t fret the pause, this is an incredible item.


I for one like the blend among dim and dark with a bit of turquoise is extremely coordinating to the organization logo shade of Viomi, in addition to the shading dark is very widespread and it fits especially to not all that perfect territories.

My white robot vacuum looks grimy when you don’t clean it off for seven days, along these lines, the dark shading is certainly a major in addition to here.


Xiaomi Mi Robot

Correlation with Roborock S5

OK, so I have contrasted the Viomi Robot Cleaner with the Roborock S5 to see the fundamental distinction between the two leader robot vacuum from each organization.

Presently upon cautious perception, certainly the Roborock S5 takes care of business quicker as it just needs to do it once since it can do cleaning and wiping simultaneously.

Yet, one drawback is that there is no assurance your vacuum won’t return to the wiped place, leaving it wet and when the broad activity goes to the wet zone, the propensity is that it will wipe in the wet residue, that is the reason more often than not when I tidied up the dustbin, there is some clingy dust inside.

Viomi then again cleans it a little more slow to finish the undertaking, however, the lower utilization in power makes it progressively financial well disposed of for our spending limit.

The breadth just and the mop just capacity we did came to welcome it as it doesn’t just range the floor cleaner than the S5, however, it additionally wipes the floor cleaner with its bigger texture and greater water tank.

Did you realize that the water stream framework is controlled by an electrodynamic water leakage framework that gives the steady progression of water from the tank to the texture? While the Roborock just uses gravity for the water stream from the tank.


Xiaomi Mi Robot


here is uplifting news that there will be a 2 out of 1 water tank form that permits the general and cleaning capacity together in only one undertaking, this will be like the Roborock S5 however with a superior framework conveyed.

There are a few pointers that I have to explain, this form of the Viomi Robot Cleaner is the beta adaptation meaning it despite everything doesn’t bolster the MiJia App yet, the discharged variant to the market currently are the ones that completely bolster the MiJia App.

In the wake of viewing both robot vacuum clash with one another, I had the option to ask my significant other which vacuum had the option to clean the floor better (particularly the mop capacity), and she revealed to me that the Viomi won her heart.

This is following a few days of consistent testing for 1 entire week, tho the Viomi has a littler battery limit, despite everything take care of business for a 150 square meter floor zone.

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