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Amethi is still running in the political agenda in this Lockdown

Political agenda in corona

Rahul Gandhi has his seat from Amethi where we saw in the last election he was not getting appointed and Smirti Irani won the election. Now in between of coronavirus where everyone is taking care of social distancing and facing amid lockdown because of the same and in this situation Congress President is trying to go back in the heart of people who rejected him and his party in the last election. Today Rahul Gandhi sent a lot of food trucks in Amethi which were consisting of flour, oil, spices, rice and a lot other food material. These truck were sent by Rahul so that Amethi people can have enough amount of eateries with them and these food items can be distributed among them. Anil Singh who is district president of Congress has also confirmed the same. With food items, he has also distributed 50,000 masks, 20,000 sanitizers, 20,000 soaps to Amethi people so that in this situation they can be all arranged with all the required facilities which were earlier distributed by district president Anil Singh in Amethi.
In coronavirus also political party like Congress are doing their a part for there favourite place. But Congress Fight Corona group is not accepting the same. According to Congress Fight Corona, they have helped 15 people who were native of Amethi adding to the same list Anil Singh also said that 91 people from Madhya Pradesh, 212 people from Gujarat, 308 in Maharashtra, 52 people in West Bengal and 308 People in respective of Punjab and Haryana also has been helped by Congress Corona Fight group.


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