In a fight with Corona: Now not just PM Modi but RBI is also taking good decision Said, Amit Shah

RBI on Corona

India is fighting against coronavirus and in this whole nation has been put in lockdown to make sure that we are not uplifting in corona spread and for the same PM Modi with all other party members is taking a lot of security measure where he himself started addressing people wearing hand made a mask of gamcha or a maslin cloth so that those who don’t have the high facility to afford a mask can also make sure that they are secure from this virus. Coronavirus is a virus which can happen to anyone who came in contact with corona positive person and that’s why PM took the decision of lockdown in the whole nation on which Home Minister Amit Shah today said that BJP is making sure that no stone is unturned to fight against corona. To protect everyone government has given strict guidelines to police and other government bodies to ensure that no one is stepping out.
Because of lockdown, our economy is also going in downfall because corona made sure us to come to lockdown situation and that’s why no office or transportation is happening in whole the nation which leads us towards big economic downfall. Now to control that and to boost Indian Economy RBI has taken special steps which can lead towards a brighter future. In which the first RBI made a decision to extend Rs 20,000 crore to NABARD and Rs 15,000 crore to SIDBI on which Mr Shah said this step going to help farmers and will provide financial stability to startups and MSME’s with that he also said NHB’s 10,000 cr and liquidity measures of NBFCs will also make India strong and will make sure of good economic condition. Mr Shah twitted about the same from his twitter account where he acknowledged RBI’s decision and great gratitude.


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