Axie Infinity (AXS) and Its Advantages

Since the beginning of 2021, players and investors have been closely monitoring cryptocurrency games. This is brought on by the fact that each token’s profits are gradually rising.

When it comes to the number of users and increasing platform revenues, one of the tokens that everyone is talking about is AXS. It is founded on the “Play-To-Earn” model, which enables individuals to make money while enjoying video games. More importantly, anyone can play this game, including those who are not familiar with blockchain technology.

The two in-game currencies that are essential to the Axie play-to-earn system are Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP), and cryptocurrency traders can exchange them using AXS (SLP).

Players on the platform may profit from breeding and Axie trade on the marketplace. Investors must first gain a greater grasp of how the Axie Infinity game functions before making an investment in the AXS and SLP tokens.

How does Axie infinite function? What is it? Each Axie is an NFT, and the rarity of its qualities determines how much it costs. Axies can be selected as parents and bred together to create offspring with specific traits.

In Axie Infinity, the land is tokenized and freely transferable between players. The white paper states that landowners who place AXS tokens on their parcels will have priority access to any resources that sprout there.

Players must buy three Axies before they may start the game. A scholarship system has emerged as a result of the surge in Axie prices, in which Axie owners (known as managers) lend their Axies to players (known as students). On behalf of the manager, the students can earn tokens and share in the earnings.

According to Sky Mavis officials, there are around 2.5 million players of Axie Infinity globally. It has gained notoriety as a play-to-earn game that enables players in underdeveloped countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil to make real money. It has also significantly helped countries with high inflation, like Venezuela, by enabling many hungry families to eat.

The Axie Infinity game was constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, however due to the high transaction costs and demand for faster processing, Sky Mavis developed the Ronin sidechain to handle Axie Infinity transactions.

AXS Token

The name Axie Infinity Shard is shortened to Axie Infinity Shard. It is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and has a maximum supply of 270,000,000 AXS tokens. AXS was created exclusively for the platform of Axie Infinity. In the Pokémon-inspired combat game Axie Infinity, players can breed and train their Axies to battle other players.

Players must take into account the race and rank of their characters when marrying their Axies in order to maximise the likelihood of producing powerful offspring. On the NFT marketplace, players can also trade or sell their islands, Axies, and other game items.

In Axie Infinity, there are two game modes: Arena Mode, which features combat competitions and requires at least three Axies in the battle, and Adventure Mode, in which players must battle and successfully complete each level.

AXS token owners will have a vote in how the game is developed. They can use AXS currency, such as Axies on the Marketplace, to pay for anything on the website and stake their tokens to receive regular payments. As a result, the success of Axie Infinity’s platform is a prerequisite for the quick ascent of AXS tokens.

Playing Axie Infinity

To play, you’ll need enough ETH and a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum. To transfer ETH to Metamask or Coinbase Wallet, you can purchase it on an exchange like Coinbase.

  • Before you can start playing, you need to buy at least three Axies from the game’s market. All Axies, virtual properties, and other items that users sell to one another are retained by Sky Mavis at a rate of 4.25 percent. Axies with attractive “rare” characteristics are more expensive.
  • Another option for players is to “breed” new Axies, which costs Small Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the two in-game cryptocurrencies.
  • SLP can be acquired by winning games and finishing missions.

Advantages of Axie Infinity

Game-based Trading

The easiest way to describe the game is as a hybrid of Hearthstone, a digital card collection game, and Pokémon, a well-known role-playing video game. Playing the game involves fighting and breeding Axies, playable monster animals that resemble Pokémon in appearance.

Contrarily, there are four different methods to play axe. One strategy is to breed Axies and then market them to other players. The alternative is to finish in-game missions and engage in PvP (player-versus-player) combat. Additionally, players can test their bred and developed Axies in-game.

The graphical user interface, as well as the game’s overall look and feel, are quite basic. The play-to-earn aspect, however, makes it a compelling game title. By fighting or breeding Axies, players can earn the Ethereum-based tokens AXS and SLP, which can be converted into Ether and used as actual money.

Non-Fungible Tokens

The fact that Axies are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is one of the main characteristics and, as a result, one of the main benefits of Axie Infinity. An NFT, to start with, is a kind of digital asset that can be purchased, sold, and traded. By creating, offering for sale, and engaging in digital exchanges based on NFT, many people have generated money.

Utilising blockchain technology, NFT minting tokenized memes, video clips, music, digital collectible cards, and even documents. A player, however, effectively owns a collection of digital products with monetary value when they have a large number of Axies. On the free market, these Axies are for sale and for purchase.

Complexity and Future Enhancements

According to Sky Mavis, the game is designed as a flexible environment for digital pets. This indicates that the developers plan to add more gameplay and features to the game in the future. The creation of an immersive digital ecosystem based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is the overarching goal of Axie.

In addition, the game is really challenging. In the Philippines, where it has drawn hundreds of thousands of players since 2021, gamers can choose between three separate roles: “manager,” who curates Axies; “scholar,” who plays the Axies of multiple “managers;” and finally, “breeder,” who breeds and sells Axies.

The Philippines’ recent advances serve as evidence of the game’s flexibility. These “managers” have found a way to increase their income by renting out Axies NFTs to other players, which enables these “scholars” to generate income.

Runs on Mobile OS and Desktops

Additionally advantageous, Axie Infinity works with the majority of desktop and mobile operating systems. It runs on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS. On PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads, it may be installed and used.

This video game’s cross-platform blockchain interoperability enables it to be available to a wide range of people, attracting additional players and extending future growth opportunities, as well as enabling the sustained and further growth of the involved digital ecosystem and blockchain economy.

It is also important to note that it is not necessary to use flagship or top-of-the-line equipment. The programme can function effectively on a machine with limited resources. For instance, it can function on both the most recent entry-level and cheap Android devices on the market as well as mid-range Android smartphones that are up to five years old.


Remember that this is an NFT-based play-to-earn video game. Participants do receive Ethereum-based tokens called AXSs and SLPs, which may be exchanged for Ether, one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world, even though they are not able to receive regular fiat money. They can either use their Ether straight now or have it converted into cash.

Due to their involvement in this game, a few of gamers have accumulated substantial money. For instance, numerous success stories from various rural parts of the Philippines have been highlighted in the media. These players range from one who was able to buy a house and some land to another who was able to provide for his family’s basic needs during the outbreak.

Another benefit of Axie is that it makes it possible for regular people to understand how blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and specifically the blockchain economy operate. Additionally, axes can be traded for cryptocurrencies, and because sponsored players are NFTs, NFT owners can give them allowances.

Axie Infinity’s platform supports the use of the token AXS. AXS token owners can use their tokens to vote, stake, and pay for any product. But what’s exciting about this AXS is that the platform is anticipated to grow in accordance with the amount of users and overall revenue.


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