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Covid-19 is a havoc in the world today, not only economically,socially but also mentally. Sitting at home completely without work,without outing and without socializing is a matter of concern for people today.This is unique period of this century. Similar situation took place 101 years ago in 1918 in the city of KELOWNA due to spread of spanish Influenza. All schools,theaters,churches.moving picture halls,pool rooms, places of amusement and Lodge meetings were closed for many days. We never knew that our ancestors have already faced such situation and even we would also have to face such quarantine period.


Living in quarantine is a challenge for each individual today. Different age group is facing different problems. Children are enjoying their preponed holidays before summer vacations on one hand but can’t hang out for entertainment on other hand.Locking down along with their elders who are generally out in the office probably snatching their independence. But in the sufferers list, they lie at the bottom. Young adults are totally dependent on social media these days to pass their time. They just want internet and talk time in their phones. Housewives are burdened with double work. Their personal time is being consumed with family job. Male adults have started their home office. They are sick of this boredom because now office time has been merged with the family time. Mostly elderly people are depressed in this lock down as their normal schedule is disturbed. Their solitude is rarely shared by other young people in the family.


Well, the most burning issue this time is money. Local and middle class strata of the society are trying to make both hands meet during this unwelcome holidays. Job workers are fine as they have assured salary but local businessmen are suffering due to heavy loss of everyday business. Poor are totally surviving at the mercy of government food donation schemes and public donations. Middle class businessmen trying to discover new ways of earning sitting at home. It will take another 6 months to come into a normal running business.


All the above said problems for different age group is a serious cause of mental problems. Woman is the emotional pillar of the family. And they are feeling suffocated totally at home. They are not finding any channel to expel out out their frustration. Bread earners of the family are living in anxiety and fear today. They are worried to feed their family during and after lock down. Depression, anxiety and boredom is prevailing in the families. Yet there is one section of the society who is in fear. People who are already infected with normal viral fever and influenza are very much panic. They can’t visit doctor instantly.Staying at home, they are brooding over their physical problems. They are unable to differentiate between normal viral and corona viral. With the normal viral symptoms like mild fever, cough and sneezing, they fear that it may be a corona viral infection which is not true. Besides COVID-19 there are other viral infections in the air. But people are highly alert mentally. So QUARATINE is the safest method to control COVID-19 yet there is question mark on mental health.


She is a passionate mental health worker,psychologist,certified clinical hypnotherapist, an effective healer,(PLR &AGE REGRESSION EXPERT), Meditation trainer and certified career counselor in the( ministry of labour and employment). She deals in mental disorders like depression,anxiety,fears and phobias and also emotional problems,

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