Data theft of 1 million Facebook users,it can be your’s

Data theft of 1 million Facebook users: Meta said – 400 apps misused users’ login credentials

Meta warned its Facebook users of data theft. Meta reported that several apps on Android and iOS misused them by stealing their login credentials. The case of the theft of login credentials of about one million Facebook users has come to light.

Most of the photo editors, games, VPN services, business and utility apps have seen such errors.

400 apps steal data

Keeping in mind the safety of its users, Meta detected 400 such apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. By stealing the Facebook credentials of the users using these apps, they were being used for wrong purposes.

Meta shared information on social media
In Meta, Threat Disruption Director David Agranovich and Malware Discovery and Detection Engineer Ryan Victory said that they have shared information about these malicious apps with Apple and Google. He also shared this information on social media. Google and Apple removed these apps from their platform as soon as the information of the error was received.

Do not enter login credentials on new app
Meta also released safety measures for users, exposing the matter of data theft. Users, after downloading any new app, keep in mind that they do not ask you for user credentials. You have to be careful in using such apps.

The company sought solutions from security researchers, policy makers in the social media industry to avoid such threats.

These apps shared information

Photo editor app that asks permission to draw your cartoon.
VPN app to increase browsing speed by blocking content and websites.
Utility app like enhance flash light.
Gaming app that boasts of high quality 3D graphics experience.
Fitness tracking and horoscope app providing health and lifestyle information.
Business and ad management app providing hidden features.

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