We have to pay for using WhatsApp?

Money will have to be paid to use WhatsApp!:

Preparing to bring premium subscription plan; App will be able to run on 10 devices, know possible features here

WhatsApp has started releasing its premium subscription plan. Premium users will be able to make video calls with more members. You can use WhatsApp on more than 4 devices simultaneously. And you can also add your website link.

The premium plans available for both Android and iOS users are currently out for business users. Apart from business, other users will not be able to use the premium plan.

Website will be able to change in 90 days
Users running a business from WhatsApp will be able to add their website link to the app. By clicking on the link, the customer will directly reach the website. As soon as the name of the website is written in the search option, the website will start showing to the customer.

10 devices will be able to connect

Users can currently connect to WhatsApp on 4 devices simultaneously. Premium members will get the facility to connect 10 devices simultaneously. The third feature has been added to video calling. At present, 32 people can be connected in a video call on WhatsApp. Now more members can be added to it.

How much will the subscription plan cost?

WhatsApp has not yet released the price of subscription plans for business users. Also, the subscription plan of the normal user was also not removed. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how much the subscription plan of WhatsApp will cost.

WhatsApp group will now have 1024 members

According to reports, now permission can be given to add 1024 members instead of 512 in WhatsApp group. The limit for group members was increased from 256 to 512 at the beginning of 2022. However, WhatsApp has not yet made an official announcement of increasing the group members.

2 lakh members can join telegram

The feature to add more group members has also been released for some users of Android and iOS to test the beta version of the app. Now the use of WhatsApp will be interesting to develop businesses and enterprises. Let us tell you, in WhatsApp’s rival app Telegram, more than 2 lakh users can be added to a group.

Spying through WhatsApp’ – Telegram Founder

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said recently that WhatsApp has been a surveillance tool for 13 years. Identifying a security issue, Powell had said, “Hackers may have access to complete mobile data of WhatsApp users.” He advised to use some other messaging app instead of WhatsApp.

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