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Five Killer B2B Lead Generation Tips for Startups and SMEs

Generating leads is one of the most significant stages of a sales cycle for consistent business growth. For SMEs and startups, B2B lead generation is the process of determining the ideal customers for your products and services, then attracting them to buy. It is also an integral activity for B2B sales and marketing teams. Lead generation incorporates the technique of accumulating a database of potential leads along with their personal information. For startups and SMEs, B2B lead generation strategies always circle around the principles of spending less and gaining more.

According to a study by Hubspot, 65% of startups and SMEs say generating leads is their biggest marketing challenge. The study reveals that the competition between startups and SMEs is a bit challenging compared to other industries in the world. That’s why many startups and small businesses are investing a lot of time looking for practical ways to enhance their B2B lead generation tools and strategies in the post-pandemic environment.


Five Killer B2B Lead Generation Tips for Startups and SMEs


For startups and SMEs, B2B lead generation strategies need careful consideration and these five killer tips can turn leads into conversions.

  1. Build the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages play a crucial part in your B2B lead generation strategy. For startups and SMEs, it’s important to create a comprehensive landing page that contains a straightforward Call-To-Action (CTA) and content that is enticing to your target audience. Once your visitor clicks your ads and redirects to your landing page, make sure that your message is clear and concise. The landing page should emphasize the importance and benefits of purchasing your products or services. It should also include forms so your visitors could give their information easily. After all, the main goal of building the perfect landing page is to entice your visitors to share their information and eventually purchase your products and services.

  1. Elevate Your User Experience

Many startups and SMEs tend to forget the importance of enhancing their user experience when their visitors check their websites. Having a smooth and efficient website experience establishes a good impression on your visitors. Make sure to implement a UX audit on your website. Check your website’s performance from time to time in order to avoid any discrepancies when your visitors are checking your website. Moreover, it’s vital to have live chatbots as B2B lead generation tools so you can easily answer their questions about your services and ask them about their experiences while using your website.

  1. Establish Your Social Presence

Social media marketing is the best B2B lead generation strategy that startups and SMEs can utilize to improve their brand awareness, generate leads, and gain profit. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the four vital and popular social media platforms in today’s world. You can share information about your products and services, interact with your existing customers and target audience, share your company milestone, and most especially promote your brand to the world. Posting regularly on your social media platforms is the best way to maintain a strong social presence in the digital world. Don’t forget to be creative when posting and include interactive posts such as poll questions, videos, and many more.

  1. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is getting a lot of buzz in the B2B lead generation world. Creating short video clips discussing your products or services can be a good start to boosting your video marketing strategies. For startups and SMEs, the following are some of the types of videos they can use to enhance their video marketing:

  • Informative video – is a type of video marketing that has instructive and educational content and can be both shareable and easy to retain. Informative videos are good for educating your target audience about certain topics related to your brand.
  • Interactive video – is a digital multimedia presentation that can take user input to perform some action. Interactive videos can allow viewers to control “what to do next,” and watch the characters in the video respond to their decisions.
  • Interview video – is a type of video marketing that presents the owner of the business, CEO, or other key roles in the company discussing the nature of the business, services offered, and even their employee’s duties.
  • Event recap video – is a video presentation about a company event, seminar, and other corporate occasions.
  • Testimonial video – is a type of video marketing that lets your customers share their experiences using your products or services.
  1. Utilize Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is the perfect B2B lead generation strategy for startups and SMEs that want to invest less money and gain more leads. It involves your existing customers to promote your products or services through testimonials and reviews. To do this effectively, make sure to have a dedicated website page where customers can share their experiences using your products and services. You can also use your social media platforms to convince your customers to comment on their good thoughts about your company. After all, many buyers will definitely buy your products or services if your website contains positive reviews about your brand.

So, these are the five killer lead generation ideas and strategies that startups and SMEs can use to achieve business growth. Follow any of these killer tips and you can definitely achieve your business goals in today’s competitive world.

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