Gullak Season 2: Trailer Release Date, Cast, Plot, Know Everything 2021


Gullak Season 2 With “Naya season… . Naye Kisse” Gullak is back with season 2. All the more family battles, conflicts and enthusiastic minutes. The five scenes of web-arrangement present a satisfying and inspiring bit of a working class family’s Gullak Season 2 battle.

From Gullak season 1 to prepare 2, not every one of the things have changed with the exception of the makers. While Season 1 was made under the bearing of Amrit Raj Gupta and composed by Nikhil Vijay Motghare. Gullak Season 2 is made under the bearing of Palash Vaswani and composed by Durgesh Singh.


Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra

Geetanjali Kulkarni as Shanti Mishra

Vaibhav Raj Gupta as Annu Gullak Season 2

Brutal Mayar as Aman

Gullak season 1 was dispatched in the year 2019 and not a lot has been changed in season 2. The Mishra’s is as yet battling their issues with a bit of mockery, love and regard for one another.

The portrayal and the flawless narrating wins in driving the consideration of the crowd in an example. The star position figures out how to get you passionate Gullak Season 2 and made all of you laugh hysterically simultaneously.

Then again, in the event that we talk about the family dramatization and their battle, not surprisingly, Annu Mishra (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) is as yet battling to get a new line of work as he neglected to clear his SSC test. Aman Mishra (Harsh Mayar) is getting ready for his board tests yet with the huge cricket match coming up he battles with his examinations. Shanti Mishra (Geetanjali Kulkarni) this web-arrangement isn’t finished without her, her continually hollering conduct with a hint of mockery consistently leaves the entire family puzzled and crowd laughed hysterically. Jameel Khan assumes the part of the dad of Annu Mishra and Aman Mishra. He is a customary class working man in an administration office, who is battling with the ascending of power bill. Some of the time whether to purchase another Royal Enfield Bullet or Scooty. Furthermore, once his brother by marriage no referencing “sahparivaar” in the wedding greeting card. Last yet not the least Bittu ki mummy who never leaves any opportunity to engage with her ventures.

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Not a lot has changed from season 1 to prepare 2. Same battles between siblings, same contentions between Mr Mishra and Mrs Mishra Gullak Season 2 and the normal, worn out “Aaloo rib peele chawal” (pulaw) which Mishra family allude as a mistake.

Gullak is an assortment of charming humor and stories. Mishra family ends up being an optimal working class family. Assuming you like TVF’s Gullak Season 2 creation, you should marathon watch Gullak Season 2.

Gullak Season 2 Review: Good about the Web Series

Chief Palash Vaswani depicts life in a Middle-Class family with squeezed spaces and conscience bothers; flawlessly. The feeling and humor adjusted consummately. The five short scenes get us pivoted with its experience scores and the working class plays on words, which is sufficient to feel nostalgic. As we go to the following scene individually, there is a feeling of characters advancing and adapting as opposed to reduce, behind the prominence of the TV-Series.

The portrayal of the working class to tell the stories and associate every scene all through the season; like in the third scene when the presentation of TV quit working and did, how a working class family can deal with self-fix it; in the event that it’s anything but fixed make it the Radio all things considered and its stay same in the fourth and fifth scene.

Essayists Shreyansh Pandey and Durgesh Singh make the Gullak a decent show-stopper from which we can associate, get nostalgic, and watch with the family. Journalists keep up the significance of Gullak as the gatherer of recollections alongside the analyst of Gullak Season 2 our working class venture. The emphasis stays on Indian Middle-Class squabbles, battles, battle, and spending imperative, pulling each other leg but tolerating and being there for one another. Composing of characters is sufficient to stimulate our interesting bone, and the science between the characters is so genuine as though they are essential for the Mishra family.

Great work by the group of TVF as it reclassifying the Indian Cinema with no activity, any masala; a straightforward story to watch, which sounds practical and have something to instruct. An unadulterated play, family dramatization these days are practically uncommon in the midst of the huge loads of wrongdoing thrill ride shows. The voices broke up away from plain sight; individuals and the discussion didn’t make any difference, with the exception of the piece of feelings itself.

With all the incredible work in the story, entertainers stay in total agreement. Jameel Khan is as yet extraordinary as a dad to educate less and learn more decisively. Geetanjali Kulkarni is remarkable, to assume the part of the housewife and as a mother to make and make her statement. Cruel Mayar is as yet in obscurity character to choose what to do. Vaibhav Raj Gupta actually appreciates the spotlight to show his blamelessness and show the exercise to greater ones. Sunita Rajwar is splendid as regular to play a disturbing neighbor. Shivankit Parihar stays as before as he discloses to us stories and fills our Gullak with such an excess of satisfaction that you get nostalgic.

Gullak Season 2 Review: What’s terrible?

The voice-over is apathetic, particularly when you accomplish crafted by the watcher or portraying the subtext of the scenes.

It appears as though the portrayal isn’t sufficient as in the past season; it consistently helped us to remember the contrast between Kisse (stories) and Kahani (stories) Gullak Season 2.


Gullak, stories like these are pressure buster you can see it with all the relatives and companions to connect with the pleasantness of the Mishra family. This isn’t Mirzapur or Scam 1992, yet a look into the regular day to day existence of a family with an entertaining touch.

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