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How To Stay Productive During The Time of Lockdown

Beating The Gloom of Mandatory Confinement

Stay Productive During The Time of Lockdown

Times are tough Lockdown. The entire country is closed. Our usual daily life is gone and we grieving the loss of it. An invisible enemy looms over our head as we are confined to our houses, Too scared to go out and too restless to stay in.

In these tense times when your productivity is almost close to zero, we have come up with some fantastic solutions in order to keep you active.

We also hope you will find these ‘hacks’ useful and hopefully they will keep you and your family safe from the grip of a deadly disease.

Exercise to Increase Productivity

We are all under stress now. To ease our body and mind, light exercise during daytime or evening can help your muscles to unwind.

Cardio or aerobics exercises help you to produce the happy chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. These, in turn, help you to concentrate, come up with better coping strategies and your productivity increases.

Moreover, you get to lose weight as a bonus!

So find a secluded area in your house and practice your favourite workout regime.

A Bath bomb to Increase Productivity

Summer in India is always a scorching experience. With humidity rises temperature and thus it increases stress.

A nice and soothing bath in these troubling times can increase productivity in your daily routine.

Prepare lukewarm water. Add your favourite bath bomb in it and then enjoy your ‘me’ time. You do not necessarily have to shower afterwards. But that is your choice.

It is a very nice way to unwind and refresh your boggled mind.

A Nice Meal to Increase Productivity

During a lockdown period, going out is a total no-no. Besides, it is not advisable either. So you’ll have to make the best out of whatever there is home.

Be it a bowl of nutritious salad or rice and lentils, you have to eat keeping in mind to increase your immunity. These essential carbohydrates and protein will give you energy to whatever the task you are set to do while at home.

Do Some Crafting To Calm Your Stress

Cutting papers in a right manner has therapeutic effects. If you like to make a scrapbook or an album that’s totally up to you. You can even paint your thoughts.

If you want to be one step ahead of everyone, then upload the images of your products on various marketplace. See how you are doing as the competition will give you an adrenaline rush. And if you are lucky you might get some orders too!


The above-mentioned suggestion may seem too trivial as we do these almost every day in our normal lives.

But what we are facing now is not normal. And only these self-care activities can help keep ourselves stable.

With these, we would be able to keep ourselves level headed and increase our productivity to keep the nation going.


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