How to Store Indian Sweets

How to Store Indian Sweets – Sweets are most consumed food item in India and other part of world. One can’t deny eating delicious sweet item, if it’s offered to anyone. Every occasion is incomplete without sweet as it’s like family member in our kitchen.

Whether, it’s puja, festival, wedding, birthday or any occasion. We never forget the sweet and it brings happiness and smile on the face.

It is mostly believed that Indian sweet should be consumed at a same day of consumption. On other hand, it’s a fact that some time sweets doesn’t get over at a serving and we tend to store sweet for some period of day.

Store Indian Sweets

We Indian’s have a good solution of storing the sweet that is fridge. However, storing in the fridge leads to some disadvantages also. It changes the flavor of sweet which is a universal fact.

Not every sweet needs storage in the fridge. Let check types of each sweet individually.

We all know that milk sweets needs storage at room temperature. We are worried about sweets like barfi, pedha, milk cake will get spoiled faster and i.e. we look for alternate solution that is fridge. It’s suggested to skip the storage of sweets in the fridge.  If it’s kept in room temperature then you should consumed the sweets in same day.

Whereas dryfruit sweets and Desi Ghee sweet should be kept at room temperature in air tight, opaque container. This type of containers protect the sweets from moisture and ultraviolet rays of light (tubelight and sunlight)

Next is very popular sweet which is Bengali sweet a perfect example of sweet that can be store in the fridge. It needs a cold temperature which is around 6 to 8 degree centigrade to maintain the same taste and freshness. Plus, such sweet like Bengali sweet are meant to consume on same day after its purchase.

Ahead is shrikhand which is favourite of everyone and it needs no occasion for consumption. It can be consumed every day, every month and year. It can be kept in deep fridge preferably at -2 to +2 degree centigrade. This prevents acidity and sourness of shrikhand.

A key factor of storage sweet is it should keep in direct sunlight and should not be carried in boot space of vehicle. As it passes the heat and fumes and it might affect the taste of sweet. If you’re travelling for short period of time then it’s suggested to keep but for long distance travel you can opt for sweets like sonpapdi, Rasgulla, Malpua, Mysore Pak, etc.

Hence, sweets are prime dish of our life and it’s compulsory to consume fresh and delicious sweets all the time. Therefore, it’s our prime responsibility to take precautions and enjoy our favourite sweets without worrying about it.

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