How you can earn through freelancing?

Why one should start freelancing?

The post-pandemic number of online jobs has increased rapidly. People are more inclined to work from home than doing 9 to 5 jobs. In this scenario, freelancing becomes one of the best sources to earn money from the comfort of your home by monetizing your skill. It is reported that a beginner freelancer can earn up to 10K To 30K+ per month working part-time

Before we dig deep into how you can earn through freelancing, let’s have look at what is freelancing.

What is freelancing?

If you are someone who likes to experiment and explore new things then you should go for freelancing. Freelancing is one of the best sources of income as a college student which you can do part-time also. It is a wide industry. Freelancing in simple words is something in which you work for various sectors like ventures, life coaches, businesses etc.

you offer your services to them and you get paid for your work. You can offer your services such as content writing, copywriting, social media management, digital marketing etc. You just need to acquire a skill to start freelancing and you are good to go!

4 easy steps to starting your freelancing journey


Acquire a skill.

To start freelancing first and very important step is to acquire a skill. Then you can offer your services to prospects and get paid after you complete your work. You can acquire any skill such as content writing, copywriting, social media management, Facebook ads etc.

Create a portfolio.

The second most important step to starting freelancing is making your portfolio. The majority of freelancers skip this step and get stuck midway through their freelancing journey. Being a freelancer having a portfolio is very important as it showcases your work and abilities to your potential clients.

Start pitching potential clients.

Once you create your portfolio, you can start pitching your potential clients. You can find your client on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. or you can use several freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Receive payments from your clients.

once you complete the project within a given deadline you can send an invoice to your client and can receive payment from your client. You can use platforms like PayPal, and Payoneer to receive payments.

Now let’s have a look at where you can learn/acquire skills.

Nowadays there are plenty of resources from where you can learn any skill for paying a little amount as well as for free. Often people get overwhelmed about where should we learn so I’m gonna list some best platforms through which you can learn skills at an affordable price.

Paid resources.

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. Skillshare

Free resources.

  1. YouTube
  2. Hubspot academy.
  3. Google.

Freelancing is not that easy. It’s a wide and highly dynamic industry so you need to keep on learning about new trends, and what works and what doesn’t works. You need to always keep on learning and upskilling yourself otherwise you’ll lost in the world of freelancing. This can lead you to face trouble during the journey. So keep learning and keep growing. Hope this helps. Best of luck out there.

Happy freelancing!!!

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