Hypnotherapy is not a process but a journey to your inner self. It is a journey from your conscious mind to subconscious mind. And subconscious mind is your self ocean. When you dive into it and go deep down, you meet your inner self hidden potential, ability, unfulfilled desires, fears, anxieties, insecurities and hidden wealth which you never even try to explore. Hypnotherapy paves a beautiful path to walk on to meet your hidden wealth.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t mean to control you, rather it increases your control over yourself. People have misconception about it that need to be addressed at mass level. One of them is that during this therapy, a person is unconscious or hypnotherapist can control him and can take out  any information without permission, knowledge and willingness of the person. These all are myths. Hypnosis is a natural behaviour we come across several times even in a single day. It is as old as mankind. During this process you experience a new feeling and joy. You enjoy this because you into deep relaxation which you have never experienced. You are more alert and attentive. Every individual experiences different journey, they visualize different world every individual is different.

Our hundred percent potential is lying into our subconscious mind. Through hypnosis we access to our subconscious mind to unleash that potential, force and abilities. I am not saying that conscious mind has no powers. Of course it has its own use and beauty. After all we take our life decisions with our conscious mind but if align our conscious mind with our subconscious mind, we always take right decisions. For instance, when we want to get rid of smoking or procrastination, we use our will power. Will power means conscious efforts. But when your conscious attention gets distracted, you find yourself procrastinating or cigarette in your hand, because your subconscious mind taking over as soon as your conscious mind gets distracted. If you have same blue print of what you want in your subconscious mind, you can easily control that habit even without efforts. For that purpose we use hypnosis. Only few sessions of hypnosis can help you to change for which you have put efforts of months. The people are using it for serious purposes like healing, motivation, introspection, regression and so on.

The beauty of hypnotherapy lies in the fact that it not only cures mental disorders but also solve other life problems. A person can grow his/her business, gain confidence, improve the relationship with life partner and others with the help of hypnotherapy. We can improve and use our memory profitably by it. It must be done by a trained, skillful and certified therapist. Hypnotherapy is a completely safe therapy. It has no side effects. During this therapy, a person has complete control over his mind. Very bright future of hypnosis is just waiting to begin shortly and surely. It is a developing science and lots of researches are going on to further understand its utility and enhances the same.

If conscious mind is your brain, then subconscious mind is your heart. And happiness comes in life when brain and heart works in synchronicity. This is done by hypnotherapy. And happiness is the soul of life.






She is a passionate mental health worker,psychologist,certified clinical hypnotherapist, an effective healer,(PLR &AGE REGRESSION EXPERT), Meditation trainer and certified career counselor in the( ministry of labour and employment). She deals in mental disorders like depression,anxiety,fears and phobias and also emotional problems,

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