Mobile 5G, but no service? The big problem

Mobile 5G, but no service?:

Samsung will update for 5G in November and Apple in December, know here the answer to every question related to 5G service

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G service in the country on 1 October. After this Airtel is providing this service in 8 cities and Reliance Jio in 4 cities. However, handsets of many companies are not supporting 5G network. Following this complaint, Telecom Secretary K Rajaraman called a meeting of representatives of 30 telecom operators and mobile handset makers on Wednesday. In this, officials of the Department of Telecommunications and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology asked the representatives of the companies to make 5G smartphones compatible with 5 services within three months.

Software lock in 5G phone will be unlocked by update; Operator-makers blame each other. According to media reports, in the meeting that lasted for more than an hour, telecom operators and smartphone companies have blamed each other for this delay. In the meeting, the smartphone companies agreed that they would start testing the handset with the 5G service provider. At the same time, a representative of a smartphone company said that they would be paying 10 thousand rupees. Will gradually stop the production of 3G-4G phones and increase the production of 5G mobile phones.

Here we have brought answers to some questions related to 5G service.

I live in a city with 5G facility. My mobile is also with 5G facility, but this facility is not available?
Even in cities where 5G service has been launched, many people with 5G phones are not able to take advantage of it. Actually, software is locked in such phones. Such locks are opened through software updates. Some companies have not provided this. According to telecom industry sources, the problem arose due to non-availability of frequency bands with 5G support. Handset manufacturers will release updates. Some phone settings also have to be changed.

5G service has already started. Then why so?

In the meeting of companies and operators with the Department of Telecom, telecom operators blamed handset companies for delay in rolling out software updates and patches. Argued that the frequency, spectrum auction and allocation timelines were known to the phone companies. Still it didn’t work. At the same time, handset makers have clarified that the 5G network itself is not yet widely available. Some tests are necessary between telcos and phone companies, which have not happened.

How to know if my handset is 5G enabled?

There are 128 models that support 5G from different companies in India. Airtel has released a list of 116 such handsets. These include handsets from companies like Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus etc. You can check whether your set is 5G enabled or not from this link:

I live in tier-2 city. When will I get 5G service?

Bharti Airtel has commercially launched 5G service. It is in 8 cities. These are: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur and Varanasi. Jio has started beta trials. It is in 4 cities. These are: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. In 2 years, the scope of 5G service will spread across the country. Jio has promised 5G service in the country by December 2023 and Airtel by March 2024.

Adani gets license, but less likely to enter commercial sector

Adani Data Network Ltd., a part of the Adani Group. Has got Unified License for Telecom Services. After getting spectrum, it was necessary to get a license. Now the company is capable of providing all the telecom services in the country. This had led to speculations that the group could compete with Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea by foraying into retail customer service. However, according to telecom expert Mahesh Uppal, the megahertz spectrum bought by the Adani group can serve only a limited number of networks. The group is not likely to enter commercial service from the existing spectrum.

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