November Story Review: A new web series of 2021

Continuing the series of reviewing movies and shows on OTT, our today’s pick is Tamannah’s latest web series, November Story which is out on Hotstar. Let’s now see how it is.

Release date : May 21,2021

Starring : Tamannaah

Director : Indhra Subramanian

Production company : Vikatan Televistas

Music Directors : Saran Raghavan

Cinematography : Vidhu Ayyanna

Edited by : Sharan Govindsamy

Story :

Anuradha(Tamanah) is an ethical hacker who wants to sell her old house. But her father(GM Kumar) has Alzheimer’s and is not interested in selling the house. He starts behaving weirdly and gets himself involved in a murder. A special cop is assigned and things change rapidly. Anuradha gets tense and decides to save her dad. Who got killed in the old house? Does Anuradha’s dad have a connection with the victim? how will Anuradh save her dad? and what’s the whole murder mystery all about? That forms the story.
What’s Good :

What attracts you in November Story are the superb performances. Tamannah takes a U-turn from her regular glam roles and aces the role of Anuradha. Be it her look or the way she showcases tension, love towards her father, and investigates the case, she was too good.

GM Kumar as her father is also amazing and brings a lot of depth to the series. Pasupathi, who plays the crazy Yesu is also amazing and surprises you with his act. Director Indhra Subramanian nicely establishes the basic story in the first episode and narrates the story in a multi-layered format.

The basic story and twists in the show keep the audience engaged for the most part. One more asset is that each episode starts off with a small flashback about the villain’s character which looks quite good.

What’s Bad :

The show has a solid story and is nicely narrated in the beginning. But director Indhra takes way too much time to establish each character. A major twist is brought quite late and a certain section of the audience might get irritated as to why the murderer is not being revealed.
The slow pace is also a burden as so many investigation November Story scenes of the cops could have been removed from the show to make it crisp. As it is a web show, the director went all out and narrated the show in too much detail which was not needed at all.

Technical Aspects :

The production values, camera work, and production design are top-notch. In a way, you can say that the show has the best BGM and well-etched character. The last episode is also dragged for no reason and the flashbacks of the main villain also drag the show for no reason.

Verdict :

On the whole, November Story is a web series that has a superb premise and solid performance by Tamannah. The suspense factor is also decent along with the amazing production values. But to enjoy the show, one has to go through a slow pace and some lengthy episodes. If you are okay with this, November Story is a passable watch during this weekend.

November Story denotes Tamannaah’s second web arrangement over the most recent few months. In this thrill ride, coordinated by Ram otherwise known as Indhra Subramanian, she plays Anuradha Ganesan, a programmer all set to any lengths to save her dad, who is suspected to have submitted a bloody homicide. The seven-scene arrangement runs for almost four-and-a-half hours.

Anu (Tamannaah) has work on one side and her dad Ganesan (GM Kumar), a wrongdoing novel essayist, on the other. Ganesan is determined to have beginning stage November Story Alzheimer’s and necessities consistent checking.

At some point, she discovers him in their November Story old house, with a lady in a pool of blood. Anu realizes that her dad wouldn’t have done it. However, proof is against him.

Then, there’s Malar (Vivek Prasanna), who has taken up a temp work at a police headquarters to digitize FIR records. Three young men from Hyderabad, who are blamed for assaulting a lady, disappeared to Chennai. There’s a flashback parcel portraying the tale of Pasupathy, a criminological specialist. Every one of these accounts should be interlinked. In any case, what is the association?

Chief Ram Subramanian’s story can possibly be changed over into a tight thrill ride. However, the paper-to-screen interpretation didn’t work in support of himself. Each character has an origin story and is all around created. However, the story has major coherent escape clauses that put you off.

Additionally, the story going to and fro in account gets burdening past a point. Certain scenes were undesirable and were basically positioned for comfort. The hacking scene at the police headquarters, for instance, is one such. It appears to be undesirable in the bigger plan of things and furthermore gives you the feeling that it was set just to discover hints in the homicide case.

November Story Sticking such countless things into the screenplay causes you to feel that the procedures have been purposely made muddled to keep the crowd speculating.

Tamannaah plays a keen programmer in the arrangement. She’s solid and strong enough to confront any circumstance. At the point when the police and the criminological group direct an enquiry at their old house, there is no noticeable November Story pressure in her face. That was the situation in numerous exceptional scenes. She conveyed a fantastic execution in passionate scenes, however there are just a small bunch of those.

Pasupathy’s character as Kulandhai Yesu is perplexing and charming. It is in the penultimate and the last scene where his acting ability brings you into the story. The bend, however we see it coming, was passed on well. Furthermore, the flashback scenes toward the beginning of each scene set pleasant priority to the show’s closure.

GM Kumar’s exhibition, as well, is November Story satisfactory to keep us speculating till the end. Tragically, Vivek Prasanna’s job is decreased to being a personification.

Chief Ram’s hyperlink story portrayal has worked in the two or three scenes. However, the past scenes give you an inclination that the story is extended excessively far than it ought to have been. A homicide secret with strong narrating has its own legitimacy. However, when the story is confounded to make it look better, it gets weakened.

Cinematographer Vidhu Ayyana’s work is ideal for the disposition of the scene. So did editorial manager Sharan Govindasamy. Writer Saran Raghavan’s music gives you a sign to feel the various temperaments of the show. The signature music merits a different notice.

November Story might have been an incredible homicide secret, notwithstanding its length and some sensible provisos.

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