Today’s doodle celebrate winter solstice in northern hemisphere

Winter season started in northern hemisphere

Today’s doodle for Google: Search giant Google on Tuesday celebrated the beginning of the 2021 winter season with a creative Doodle featuring hedgehogs walking on the snow.

The new Google Doodle celebrates the longest night of the year in the upper half of the globe as the Northern Hemisphere reaches the winter solstice.

Today is also known as the winter solstice, the December solstice, the winter solstice, or the winter solstice. This happens when one of the Earth’s poles is titled in the direction away from the Sun at maximum distance.

This event shortens the daylight hours and makes the night the longest night of the year. The event is held annually from December 21st to 22nd and is celebrated worldwide in countries such as the United States, India, United Kingdom, China, Russia and Canada.

Introduced today, Doodle is similar to Google’s June 21 Doodle, saying, “As the Earth tilts around its axis, many people in the Southern Hemisphere are preparing to relax for the next few months. increase.”

The winter solstice begins today in the Northern Hemisphere and continues until March 20, 2022. The sun follows the shortest path at the winter solstice, with the least sunlight and the longest nights.

On Tuesday, several parts of India woke up to the cold wave in the capital, Delhi, tackled the cold wave as the lowest temperature at the Safderjung Observatory, considered the official marker of the city, and settled below 4 degrees Celsius and 4 notches. normal.

The lowest temperature in the capital on Monday was 3.2 degrees Celsius, five notches lower than normal, the lowest temperature of the season.

Apart from Delhi, cold weather conditions were on Tuesday in isolated pockets of Hariyana, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, and Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Ganges West Bengal, Saurastra, Kutch, Vidalba, Terrangana. Was observed in.

The cold winter has been started in different parts of the world including India, everyone is celebrating it in their way. Google, the biggest Software Company is also celebrating it in its way. As it changed its doodle on the search page which shows the welcome ceremony of cold waves.

21st of December is also known as the ‘Winter Solstice’, it’s the day when the daylight appears for the lowest time and the night period is the biggest one in the whole year and this night is also known as the Longest Night of the year. It will be held at 3:59 UTC (9.29 pm IST), it has been decided by the Norweigian site time.


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