While Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop” is being criticized intensely, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa’s supportive messages for Jisoo draw attention

Black pink jisso bad pronounciation in snowdrop

On December 18th, BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa showed their support for Jisoo by posting photos, proving that they were watching the live broadcast of “Snowdrop”. Earlier, Rosé and Jennie uploaded Jisoo’s photos, which were taken at “Snowdrop” press conference, and added supportive messages, such as “Our sister is so pretty. Snowdrop, let’s make a big hit!”, “I’m looking forward to seeing Youngro”.

Netizens are extremely fired on jisso performance in snowdrop, jisso pronounciation was very poor in this mythological drama therefore fans get angry on her.

The eye contact between Suho and Youngro, who puts one hand on Suho  shoulder and looks up at him, showcases youthful romance cautious atmosphere with warm lighting. Snowdrop production team previously presented the first teaser poster showing Suho and Youngro dancing together at an open house party, and the second teaser poster where the two sit close but their eyes directions are different.

In the main poster released this time, Suho and Youngro finally look at each other and make eye contact, expressing the exciting moment of a young couple who became closer. The two perfect chemistry also raised expectations for the drama. Meanwhile, there is tension between the two in the phrase only wanted it to be our own fate implying that Suho & Youngro fate will flow in an unexpected direction regardless of their hearts.

Set in 1987 Seoul, Snowdrop tells the story of a desperate love that goes against the times between Suho, a prestigious university student who suddenly jumps into a women university dormitory while being wounded, and Youngro, who hides and takes care of him amidst the surveillance and extreme situation.

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