World Animals Day 4th October 2021

History of World Animal Day

Why we celebrate animals day?

World Animal day is celebrated to realise people about these speechless animals. Animals can’t speek like human so they can not express their feelings, whatever they feel about something for example- if animals Are ill have trouble, or feeling Lonley, sad, Hungary or in some kind of pain. As they are speechless they can’t do any thing by themselves, they are dependent on human beings for care( if we talk about domestic animals). And ofcourse as much love you will give them their double or triple will they give you.

There were many homeless animals, humans should adopt them inspite of ignoring afterall they have life, they are living and deserves your love.

Killing animals for personal benifits is not a good thing, I think animals have right to live as they are god gifted.

History of World Animal Day

special day was selected in honour of the feast of Francis of Assisi, who was regarded as a patron saint of animals. The day was first celebrated on 24 March, 1925 at the Sport Palace in Germany’s Berlin city. The first World Animal Day was celebrated by Heinrich Zimmermann. He was a cynologist (one who specialises in training and care of dogs) as well as an animal protection activist. Around 5,000 officials attended the celebrations in a show of support.


In 1931, World Animal Day was globalised at a world animal protection organisation conference in Florence, Italy. They unanimously accepted the proposal to celebrate 4 October as World Animal Day.

Furthermore, in the year 2002, the Finnish Association of Animal Protection Associations observed and celebrated the day. Even school children participated in it. Since 2003, the Naturewatch Foundation has managed and supervised this international celebration every year. It is a UK based animal welfare charity that is well established and renowned across the world.

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