World TB Day (Tuberculosis) 2022

World TB Day 2022

Today is world TB Day 2022

World TB day, falling on March 24th year is designed to build public awareness that tuberculosis today remain and epidemic in much of the world. Counting the death of nearly one and half million people is year. Mostly in developing countries TB commemorates the day in 1882 when doctor Robert coach a started the scientific community by announcing that he had discovered the cause of tuberculosis.

That tuberculosis is bacillus. At a time of coach announcement in Berlin TB was ragging through Europe and America’s causing the death of one out of every 7 people. Quotes discovery open the way towards diagnosing and curing Tb.

Aaj World TB day hai. Ise lekar PGI Chandigarh ka medical micro logy vibhag 25 v 26 March ko TBCON 2022 aayojit kar raha hai. World TV saptah ke antargat yah Samaroh hoga. Ismein TV ki bimari se Judi research aankade aur roktham aadi ko lekar charcha hogi. PGI ke medical micrology vibhag ke head professor pallav ray and  IUSTI Asia procefic ke south east asia ke upadhyaksh professor Sunil Shetty Vishesh roop se Shamil honge.

Desh mein corona mahamari ke chalte pichhle 2 sal se aspataalon mein OPD aur baki swasthya sevaen prabhavit rahi thi. Iske chalte TV se ladne mein chunautiyon ka samna karna pada tha. Chandigarh mein TV ke maujuda marijon aur naye marijon ki puri jankari aspataalon Tak nahin pahunch Pai thi. Iska Karan aspataalon ki OPD band hona aur swasthya sevaon ka korona per kendrit hona tha. Aise mein deshbhar mein pichhle salon ke mukabale TV mamalon mein Kami bhi darj ki gai hai.


Get tested

Disease prevention always starts with you. Testing for tuberculosis is simple, and is sometimes required for travel or job applications. It’s always a good thing to have on your medical records and not in your lungs.


Spread awareness

Many people with TB don’t even know they have it. Latent tuberculosis can lie dormant for years without a single symptom. This is why it’s important to spread awareness about how to get tested and treated. With any disease, prevention is the best cure.


Volunteer or donate

Events are held to spread awareness and raise funds all around the world on World Tuberculosis Day. If you can’t find one, organize one yourself. There are many organizations dedicated to the eradication of TB that are always looking for volunteers and donations.

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