Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing to Consider in 2023

Digital Marketing is the future of business. There are some compelling reasons that should urge companies to invest in Digital Marketing. According to, globally there are 5.25 billion people who have access to the Internet and use it. Customers are available online, so businesses should focus on digital platforms to find their prospects and get high conversions. According to DataReportal, 2021, an internet user on average, spends 6 hours and 56 minutes online each day! So, there’s huge potential for businesses to engage and connect with their prospective buyers online.

Let’s discover the top 5 benefits of digital marketing and how it can benefit your business.

Laser-targeted approach: Online marketing adopts a laser-targeted approach toward engaging customers and getting higher conversions. Companies can identify their marketing goals and engage the audience accordingly. They can determine the prospects with ideal customer profile creation and engage the audience to get higher conversions. Organizations can choose different platforms based on their market size and customer segmentation, So, the efforts are optimized and directed toward achieving the desired results. Let’s take the example of professionals looking for insightful information on the job market. A business providing employment opportunities through its job portal can create campaigns for LinkedIn and engage with them. Similarly, they can use video marketing to attract their audience on Instagram and convey the message to the target audience. Companies can build marketing campaigns on appropriate platforms that address the requirements of that particular customer segment or prospects falling into an ideal customer profile category.

Measurable Results: The best part about Digital Marketing is that it offers measurable results that can be tracked and compared on various parameters. So, there’s no ambiguity involved. Companies can track and measure results to make an informed decision in investing in particular resources. They can know which platform brings them the best leads and the channels that have a higher customer engagement rate. Businesses can drive more conversions, maximize their revenue with optimum utilization of resources and increase profitability.

Instant feedback: Contrary to traditional marketing campaigns, online marketing offers instant feedback and lets the business know the performance of its marketing campaigns. For instance, social media marketing is the inevitable method to promote products and services. Businesses can instantly garner customer feedback with likes and shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Similarly, they can know the customer’s sentiment with the number of tweets and retweets. So, it’s instant connectivity with prospects that helps businesses improve their strategies and meet customer expectations. Also, they can fine-tune their approach to customer engagement and attract more customers.

Global Results: Businesses can cut loose the restrictions of the brick-and-mortar setup and connect with their target audience on a global scale. Businesses are investing in website design services and seeking website development services to create their presence online. With ecommerce development, companies are expanding their business and connecting with their global audience effortlessly.

Flexible Costs: There’s no thumb rule to investing a particular amount in digital marketing to reap benefits. It depends on various factors -the size and type of business, target audience, products and services, challenges for that particular market, customer segmentation, etc. So, the cost will vary but the most vital thing to note here is that the digital marketing cost is low compared to traditional marketing channels that require huge expenditure. Today several companies are offering the services at competitive prices. Moreover, they offer flexible plans so SMEs and even bootstrapped start-ups can invest in online marketing and engage their online audience.

Methods of Digital Marketing


  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization- Online marketing is a vast concept in which marketers leverage online space- the Internet to connect with customers. It includes SEO- Search Engine Optimisation which improves the ranking of a website in popular search engines. It aims to increase online traffic and bring more customers to the website. It includes Content Marketing which uses SEO-optimized content to increase the website’s visibility. It uses blogs, articles, videos, podcast creation, and optimally distributing the content to engage the target audience. According to Status Labs, 68% of online user experiences start with a search engine, and organic search makes up for 55% of website traffic!


  • SEM– Search Engine Marketing- The digital marketing process involves Search Engine marketing which is a paid online ad service strategically focused on increasing website traffic. PPC- Pay Per Click is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to increase website visibility and pay for ads when users click on their ads.


  • SMM – Social Media Marketing is another method businesses can leverage to find their target audience and connect with them. They can aggressively use social media platforms to connect with prospects. Companies can choose the appropriate channel where their prospective buyers are most active- it can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


  • Email marketing: Organizations must keep leveraging the traditional method of email marketing in the era of a fast-paced and evolving digital world. Personalized emails with engaging content can help businesses attract potential leads and convert them into customers.


  • Affiliate Marketing: It involves advertising products and services on different platforms, such as blogging sites, social media, websites, and podcasts.

Top Reasons to choose Digital Marketing

If you want to do business in today’s digital age, you MUST invest in Digital marketing. Your customers are on digital platforms with a massive global reach, so investing in online marketing services is a prudent business decision. Online marketing services will create and enhance the digital presence of the business and immensely help it to reach out to its customers. It speeds up the lead generation process as the business becomes more visible to the target customer, who can approach it via websites, apps, or social media platforms. Companies can expect better revenue with a laser-targeted approach using different methods such as SEO- Search Engine Optimization, SMM – Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and many more. One of the biggest motivating factors for businesses to invest in Digital Marketing is cost efficiency – it’s relatively cheaper and result-oriented.

Choosing an Ideal Digital Marketing Services Provider

Digital Marketing has garnered soaring popularity prompting businesses to invest in the solution and turn their marketing campaigns into a lead generation machine. Markable Solutions has an experienced and talented team of digital marketers who know how to leverage digital marketing and work towards building a brand online. The marketplace is crowded and it’s vital to make your presence felt. Companies need to rely on experts with a penchant for innovation with limited resources at their disposal.

Leveraging digital marketing requires a lot of research and anticipation of challenges. Online marketing has a vast scope and requires in-depth insights to utilize data to enhance the company’s presence in the digital space.


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