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SSC-CGL 2019-20

SSC-CGL 2019~2020 latest update and guide

SSC-CGL 2019-20 vacancies Announced. SSC announced 9488 vacancies under SSC-CGL 2019-20 recruitment in various Group “B” and Group “D” in various Ministries/Departments of the Government. In this article, we are going to make you available with basis details of SSC-CGL exam, previous year Sample papers for better preparation.

In a time when the country is in lockdown, SSC Aspirants can utilize this time to brush up their skills and ace up their preparation for the exam. Firstly, let us walk you through exam scheme as released by SSC.

Exam will be conducted in four tiers mentioned as under:

Tier-I    –     Computer Based Examination

Tier II   –     Computer Based Examination

Tier III  –     Pen and Paper Mode (Descriptive Mode)

Tier IV  –     Computer Proficiency Test / Skill Test (wherever applicable)/Document Verification





A.     General Intelligence and Reasoning255060 minutes (total)

For visually handicapped/afflicted with cerebral palsy/ deformity in writing hand-80mins.

B.     General Awareness2550
C.      Quantitative Aptitude2550
D.      English Comprehension2550




Paper I – Quantitative Abilities100200120 minutes (for each paper)

For visually handicapped/afflicted with cerebral palsy/ deformity in writing hand-160mins.

Paper II – English language and comprehension200200
Paper III – Statistics100200
Paper IV – General Studies (Finance and Economies)100200
IIIPen and Paper modeDescriptive paper in English or Hindi

(Writing of Essay/Precis/Letter Application etc.)

10060 minutes

For visually handicapped/afflicted with cerebral palsy/ deformity in writing hand-80mins.

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To crack the SSC-CGL exam, you must focus on practicing as many mock tests and previous year papers of all the sections from Reasoning, General awareness, Aptitude to English comprehensive.

We bring you in this article previous test papers on the pattern by SSC-CGL for you to make an informed strategy to clear this exam with high score.

SSC-CGL Tier I (Exam held on)SSC-CGL Previous year paper (Section wise)Download SSC-CGL Previous papers with answers/solutions

08 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-08.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-08.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-08.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-08.08.2017

09 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-09.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-09.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-09.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-09.08.2017

10 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-10.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-10.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF  General Awareness-10.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-10.08.2017

11 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-11.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-11.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-11.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-11.08.2017

12 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF  Reasoning-12.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-12.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-12.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-12.08.2017

16 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-16.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-16.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-16.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-16.08.2017

17 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-17.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-17.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-17.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-17.08.2017

18 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-18.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-18.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-18.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-18.08.2017

19 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-19.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-19.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-19.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-19.08.2017

21 AUGUST 2017

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning-21.08.2017
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-21.08.2017
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-21.08.2017
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-21.08.2017
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SSC-CGL Tier I (Exam held on)SSC-CGL Previous year paper (Section wise)Download SSC-CGL Previous papers with answers/solutions

27 AUGUST 2016

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 27.08.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-27.08.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-27.08.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-27.08.2016

28 AUGUST 2016

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 28.08.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-28.08.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-28.08.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-28.08.2016

29 AUGUST 2016

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 29.08.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-29.08.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-29.08.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-29.08.2016

30 AUGUST 2016

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 30.08.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-30.08.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-30.08.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-30.08.2016

31 AUGUST 2016

ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 31.08.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-31.08.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-31.08.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-31.08.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 01.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-01.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-01.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-01.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 02.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-02.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-02.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-02.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 03.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-03.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-03.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-03.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 04.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-04.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-04.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-04.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 06.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-06.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-06.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-06.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 07.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-07.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-07.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-07.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 08.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-08.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-08.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-08.09.2016


ReasoningDOWNLOAD PDF Reasoning- 10.09.2016
General AwarenessDOWNLOAD PDF General Awareness-10.09.2016
Quantitative AptitudeDOWNLOAD PDF Quantitative Aptitude-10.09.2016
English ComprehensionDOWNLOAD PDF English Comprehension-10.09.2016


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